Thank you LaVone for teaching my hands what my ears have been hearing!
God knows how long I've prayed for someone like you to teach me! Thank you.
L. B., Tampa, Florida

 I  took eight years of lessons and yet never learned all the progressions you have taught.  Praise God for this course.  It has been a real answer to prayer.

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Piano Expresso

Welcome to the world of Piano Expresso.  I am LaVone, the creator of the program.   Piano  Expresso is a company specializing in the art of  playing the piano by ear without reading music. 

In a recent survey we have found that there are thirty million pianos in our country, twenty million are sitting vacant.  Are you one of these twenty million frustrated owners seeking methods for learning how to play?  If you've always dreamed of playing the piano by ear, now you can.  If you have the desire we have the method.

You are probably now asking the question, how can we do this?  First of all, I will teach you progressions with eight skill builders.  If you know a song well enough that you can sing it or hum it, then you will be able to play it with my progressions.  After learning only four songs, you will be able to play in all twelve major keys. You will learn progressions for praise and worship choruses, southern gospel music, Hymns and contemporary music.  My program is based on the belief that everyone has a natural musical ability.  My approach is designed on the same foundation of how babies and children learn to speak their native language even before they can read or write.  You will develope your own creative potential in music.  I mentioned earlier that you will learn progressions.  Well, a progression is a phrase that gives a complete musical sound.  All songs have repeated progressions or musical phrases and by learning a few of them you will be able to play by ear!

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